Overwatch” is well-received for its customizable options like Skins, highlight intros, emotes, sprays, and voice lines. Blizzard usually adds new cosmetics during major events like the Summer Games or Halloween. While it might be great switching up what a character looks like, weapons have never really gotten any real customization options on their own. While it’s true you can unlock golden varients, there wasn’t a separate option to change a Weapon’s skin unless it was tied in with a character’s costume.

Adding skins to “Overwatch” Guns?

According to Dot Esports, the game’s only method of personalizing weapons is by playing competitive matches and unlocking points to buy golden guns.

These weapons have become so popular that several players only play ranked battles just for competitive points alone and not because they care about their SR.

Unlike “Counter Strike: Global Offensive,” Blizzard’s team shooter never implemented a feature for adding separate skins for weapons. “CS: GO” has plenty of cosmetic options in that regard which lets players customize their equipment to their own taste. While it may seem like a simple feature, keep in mind that weapons are the only thing players can see during combat. Those fancy skins you buy during events hardly even appear on the screen unless you do a three-second emote before a match.

Should Blizzard add the feature?

With that being said, having the option to choose skins for guns would be a great addition to the game’s growing cosmetics.

If ever, players could also unlock these customizable through loot boxes just like with any other skin in the game. Moreover, these changes should only affect how a weapon looks and not how it actually works. Having different sets of equipment would ultimately affect the complex meta the game has at the moment.

Seeing as how Blizzard loves sneaking in Easter Eggs through their characters, they could also do the same thing for weapon skins.

Imagine McCree wielding a firearm similar to the iconic Golden Gun from “Goldeneye 007” or Widowmaker using a traditional sniper rifle like one found in “CS: GO.” Despite the idea, Blizzard has yet to comment about this nor have they recently brought up the topic of skins for weapons. Similarly, game director Jeff Kaplan even mentioned that adding golden guns was a mistake since players should be playing competitive matches to rank up, and not to save points for those golden variants.