"Overwatch" has just gotten its 25th Hero in the form of Doomfist, the melee Offense character that relies on his fists to deal damage. While it might still be a bit too early to ask for the next playable character in the game, it's safe to begin Speculating just what "Overwatch" needs at this point. Blizzard's team shooter still lacks a Defense oriented hero and not to mention that the Support class could also use another character. With that being said, here are some options Blizzard could explore for the next hero

Setting up defenses

The Defense category is the only class that hasn't gotten a new hero yet.

Many believed that Doomfist would have been a Defense hero, but game director Jeff Kaplan previously teased that the 25th hero didn't exactly have to fall under that category. With that being said, a new Defense hero that specializes in area denial would be a great addition to the team.

Seeing as how the dive composition has taken over the "Overwatch" Season 5 meta, having someone who can close off certain points on the map would help balance things out. This character could have access to beacons that form electric barriers that would stun and hurt enemies if they pass through it. Similarly, this hero could also be the first character to have an ability that can blind enemies. They could have some smoke bomb that creates fog in a certain area which blinds enemies for a few seconds if they pass through it.

Showing your Support

On the other hand, "Overwatch" is in need of a new Support hero that can heal allies. So far, the game only has four support characters that focus on healing while there are more options to choose from when it comes to playing as a DPS or tank. The inclusion of Ana was a good move as she brought in tactical healing through sniping and healing denial.

However, it's been over a year since she was patched in and players are growing bored with the same Support play style.

The community has been pretty vocal about wanting a Talon healer who takes energy from enemies and uses it to heal allies. This character can have some vampire-like abilities as it saps enemy energy and distributes them accordingly to their allies.

Meanwhile, the game could also use another area-of-effect healer like Lucio who can restore their team's health in a wide radius. It's still unsure what Blizzard plans to do for future heroes, so we'll all just have to wait for further announcements for now.