Twitch partner and creator HollieBB now offers the "The Sims 4" Family Vacation Build Challenge for all Simmers. It allows each player to build their ideal family vacation house using specific contents and unlimited money. Here are the details and features of the new challenge.

Simmers at Twitch recently launched the new Family Vacation Build Challenge.This is made for creative building purposes only so, the lots built throughout the challenge will not really be functional as real vacation lots within the gameplay.

How to participate

To join the game, players should randomly select a specific theme and content from “The Sims 4” Parenthood Game Pack.

This will be done through a dice roll. They must switch into the build mode and enable cheats as well.

Six themes and features revealed

In “The Sims 4” Family Vacation build challenge, Simmers can have one of the six themes. They may have the Tropical Getaway theme that allows them to rest, relax, surf, and spend time with the rest of the family in a tropical resort. They may also have the Rustic Recess theme that allows Simmers to go camping using modern or old fashioned tents. It also features bugs, trees, and bushes. Players can also pick the Spa Sabbatical that lets the Sims go for a spa weekend with their family. It also features a mud bath and other kid stuff for everybody.

When players get four after the dice roll, they will get the Festival Weekend theme.

It allows them to turn their lots into creative ones wherein everybody can have fun. Once they get a five, they will get the Budget Basic theme. It will challenge the parent Sims to save some cash through different ways such as selling some items. If they get a six after the dice roll, Simmers will have the Scenic City theme, which is best for city-loving Sims.

What are the rules of the challenge

Every “The Sims 4” challenge has rules for players to follow. After selecting a specific theme, Simmers should use any lot type that best suits their theme and concept. It includes the lounge, generic park, and all the other lots. Simmers should also include a lodging place for a family with five members.

With this, they should put more beds and rooms in the place. To continue with the Family vacation challenge, players should also include a minimum of six objects from “The Sims 4” Parenthood Game Pack.

As there are a lot of things to purchase for the challenge, “The Sims” players can use the unlimited money and DLC. They also have the freedom to choose any size of the lot in any world. However, they must never use custom contents in the challenge. Lastly, Simmers should create a speed-build or walk-through of their creation. Once they finish everything, they must upload their work to “The Sims 4” Twitch gallery with the hashtag FAMILYVACATION.

Check out the Twitch blog for updates

The Sims” players and fans can head off to the Twitch blog and check out the different submissions for the challenge. Stay tuned for more Family Vacation challenge updates!