Superbeat: Xonic has been recently released last month on the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One consoles. Now, the developers Nurijoy and PM Studios have announced that the said game is coming to the Nintendo Switch console. In addition, the said game will launch on both physical and digital versions with the price of $39.99. This game will include famous songs from well-known producers and composers such as "M2U," "Planetboom," "Mike B.," and much more.

With the aforementioned artists above, the game contains over 65 tracks, each with four modes namely "4TRAX," "6TRAX," "6TRAX FX," and "Freestyle." The first three mentioned start from Beginner to Expert while "Freestyle" is another mode that players should venture soon.

Hit those notes

Notes come in various colors depending on where it will appear and what corresponding key should be pressed. Most importantly, players should be mindful of the tempo when playing a song because it is the key elements to get a high score. Superbeat: Xonic prioritizes on beats and remixes, which is why a player will be bouncing their buttons with the beat. "4TRAX" mode is perfect for beginners because it will train them in the basics of the game. On the other hand, those who want to take it up a notch, "6TRAX" is the mode for them.

Furthermore, for those who have mastered the basics and developed skills throughout the game, "6TRAX FX" is the mode for them. Here is an example of a song entitled "Peterpan" by M2U on the 6TRAX mode below:

The most recommended setting would be 6TRAX with headphones on for an excellent gaming experience.

Moreover, the high-quality music or tracks are amazing on headphones, especially those bass and beats that pop.

The rise of rhythm games

Rhythm games are another genre or field that is gaining popularity nowadays. This is the reason why other companies are becoming versatile in terms of games. The famous and popular Rhythm Game from Crypton Future Media Inc.

entitled "Hatsune Miku Project Diva Future Tone DX" is a rhythm game. The latest consoles such as the Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One provide rhythm games the added effects in hitting the notes in time.

Such notes that are hit perfectly are pleasing to the eyes and ears at the same time. This makes rhythm games a relaxing genre or gaming field to play. Although, players should not only limit themselves in one field. There are also simulation and RPG games present in the huge game lineup.