niantic labs is going to release two more Legendary Birds in “Pokemon Go.” Moltres and Zapdos are coming to the augmented reality game and fans could catch them soon. The company did not reveal when exactly these two mythical creatures will be introduced but most likely, players will see them in the wild anytime soon.

Latest reveal

Fans recently received a letter from “Pokemon Go.” In the letter that arrived to participants today, the game developer thanked them for their contribution in the recently concluded event in Chicago and for the community’s effort in completing the task set in the event’s Challenge Window.

Moreover, the letter revealed that Niantic Labs is planning to release Moltres and Zapdos in the game soon.

Legendaries in the game

Currently, there are two mythical birds that players are trying to beat in the raids as well as catch in the wild. They are the guardian of the seas, Lugia and the game’s iconic mascot Articuno. During the festival in Chicago, Team Mystic caught the greatest number of pocket monsters and was adjudged the winner. Because of this, Articuno was the first Legendary creature that was released. These two mythical creatures are now in the game’s Legendary Raids.

So far, catching Articuno and Lugia has been a major challenge among players. Obviously, they are not called legendary for nothing.

Several tips and tricks also followed to be able to successfully beat these creatures in the raids. Many fans are now complaining that Niantic Labs has made these creatures almost impossible to catch.

Release date

Fans are getting more excited with the recent announcement from the game developer of the release of two more legendary creatures.

However, it appears that they will not be in the game for a while. Most likely, Niantic will give the Team Mystic the victory lap it rightfully deserves. Team Instinct and Team Valor are now happy knowing that their efforts have paid off with the confirmation from the developer of the upcoming release of Moltres and Zapdos.

Meanwhile, the recently concluded festival in Chicago made many fans disappointed because of several issues.

Niantic has offered more bonuses to the game’s raiding event to compensate for this. The company is now also pointing the blame to Android and iOS. The bonuses include double Candy, Stardust, and XP. Players encounter rates with the creature are also increased while the buddy distance and hatching were reduced. Unfortunately, these bonuses were no longer available in “Pokemon Go” after 5 PM (Pacific Time) on July 24.