When “Pokemon GO” was first launched last year, it quickly acquired a huge following. Players from all over the world joined the celebration, as they went outside and captured pocket monsters. Even today, the game’s popularity is still alive and kicking.

According to ComicBook, “Pokemon GO” continues to be a relevant mobile game in the industry right now. This is despite the ups and downs it experienced, something that most fans believe killed the game. Well, below are three reasons why the title continues to bloom.

Lots of Pokemon to catch

This is very true with Niantic’s game.

A year has already passed, but the number of Pokemon left to catch are still huge. Heck, it is even safe to say that most, if not all, players have yet to acquire half of the total number of pocket monsters. This alone proves that trainers still have a mission to undergo and complete. There are still creatures in the wild, all of which need a trainer.

The number of “Pokemon GO” creatures even increased the moment Niantic released the second generation. There are now new species, with added common and rare types. This even goes without saying that players can also acquire beasts through egg hatching. Clearly, the game is still giving players a reason to play further.

Introduction of Raid Battles

It holds true that most “Pokemon GO” players almost lost hope playing the game. Some of them just grew bored, while others were looking for a way to play the game from another approach. Interestingly, Niantic realized this and thus released the new feature called Raid Battles. In its most organic form, it lets players team up with other players to fight extremely powerful beasts called bosses.

But for players to join raids, they must meet certain requirements such as levels.

The aforementioned “Pokemon GO” feature gave players a genuine multiplayer, something that they had been hoping to see and experience in-game. They now have a whole new reason to play the game aside from finding and capturing Pokemon. Raids have given players a legit endgame content, and if this continues to thrive, there is no reason not to believe that the game will even reach greater heights.

New and exciting features are coming

Niantic already announced in the past that new features will be coming to “Pokemon GO.” Among these are the PvP Battle system and Trading feature. In fact, these features were supposed to arrive alongside Raid Battles. However, the studio had to push it back due to development limitation and resources.

Nonetheless, these are all confirmed and “Pokemon GO” players can expect them very soon. Once these two features arrive, fans of the mobile game will once again experience new and exciting endgame contents.