Pokemon GO” players are currently enjoying the Solstice event, which was recently introduced by developer Niantic. Apparently, the studio is set to release more events and they are happening in a real world.

Basically, the studio just announced that “Pokemon GO” will offer at least 90 live events, all of which are happening this summer. However, the developers have yet to reveal any specific dates. In fact, the locations of these remain a mystery, except for the already planned fest in Chicago. As of this writing, players are enjoying the current event.

The latter allows them to capture all sorts of fire and ice-type Pokemon.

Introducing the 'Pokemon GO Fest'

Niantic just revealed the first of the many live events, which is called “Pokemon GO Fest.” It is expected to happen in the aforementioned city. Interestingly, there will also be a wave of European events starting June 17. These events are to be held at the Unibail-Rodamco shopping centers across the country and all throughout summer.

These events are deemed "Pokemon GO" meets and greets. In their most organic form, players will be given the chance to meet other players. They can even take pictures with Pokemon mascots such as Pikachu. More importantly, they have the opportunity to take advantage of all the PokeStops situated at the mall.

It is confirmed that during the events, Lure Modules will become easily available.

Announced event areas in Europe

On June 17, the event will be held at Les Quatre Tremps in Paris, France, while June 30 event will be in Munich, Germany. July 8 and 9 events will be held in Copenhagen, Denmark while the July 15 event is in Madrid, Spain.

Another city in Spain will host the event as it will be held in Barcelona on July 21. July 29 and 30 events will be in Stockholm, Sweden. These are all confirmed by Niantic, though further details are to be expected as the launch dates come near. Players from these areas better prepare themselves.

Surprisingly, the announcement from the studio arrives as both good news and bad news to the entire “Pokemon GO” community.

This is because some are worried about the events being concentrated at the shopping malls only, as these have the official partnership with the company. This could just simply limit the overall experience to a single area, something that will greatly affect the overall success of the events. Moreover, some are hoping that these events will finally unveil the highly anticipated Legendary creatures; however, there is no confirmation from the studio that it will happen.