Studio Wildcard has great news for all PlayStation 4 users as it rolls out the highly anticipated patch for the Xbox One. Just a few days ago, the game developer has released the PC update v262. The latest update for the Microsoft console is a sign that the much-awaited patch for the Japanese console will be made available in a matter of days.

Latest patch

On their official Twitter account, Lead Community Manager and Associate Producer at Studio Wildcard Jat, revealed that the patch for Xbox One users will be released around 9:00 to 10 a.m. ET or around 3:00 British Summer Time.

The patch has been initially scheduled for release on July 13. However, the game developer has met several delays. Among them includes the persistent memory leak and several other major issues. The studio has been extremely careful releasing the Microsoft patch since it does not want that the same issues will also happen to the PS4.

The latest patch will be ported over to PlayStation 4. It is worth noting that the PlayStation version of the game has not yet received any patch for some time now. This has been acknowledged by the Community Manager of the studio, Jen.

The manager also said that they are still supporting the PS4 version of “Ark: Survival Evolved.” However, recently, the executive added that the team has been caught up in the disc submission. Furthermore, the Community manager noted that as soon as they are able to finalize the build, they would port it to the Japanese console.

Ragnarok mod

The Xbox One patch of the game roll out bug fixes. However, it will not release along with it the much-awaited Ragnarok Mod map. The expansion is scheduled to be launched on July 19. The upcoming mod has already received several positive reviews on Steam where it was already released. The Ragnarok Mod is a massive 144 square kilometer map where elements from Scorched Earth, The Island, and all other fresh biomes are mixed to provide players with the ultimate gaming experience.

The upcoming map has many distinct features including challenging dungeons, active hot springs, custom explorer notes, and dungeon bosses. There are also active volcanoes, tree platforms locations, environmental traps, and ruins among others.

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