Despite what happened during “Pokemon GO Fest,” fans around the world are celebrating because the anticipated Legendary creatures are finally here. Niantic indeed delivered their promise, though most fans wanted it to happen during the game’s first-year anniversary.

According to Polygon, however, there is a certain glitch in “Pokemon GO” that makes the experience disturbing. Some might find it funny, though, in one way or another. Anyway, here is everything it in a nutshell.

The glitch explained

First and foremost, this glitch is not entirely a bad thing.

It does not affect the players’ overall gameplay experience, therefore, it is still acceptable. However, fans cannot help but share this on social media sites. It was first noticed by a Japanese player whose handle name is sumika920. He took screenshots of the Legendary creature named Lugia, which he and his friends battled. But, instead of going up against a majestic and gigantic special beast, they were greeted by an eerie appearance. Check out the tweet below to get a better grasp:

It is as if Lugia lost all of its power, or that it was sucked by an unknown being in “Pokemon GO.” It appeared to be elastic, flexible and, most of all, scary.

Many even suggest that Ditto’s form is much more acceptable than Lugia’s. As expected from the community, the images were retweeted and liked. As of this writing, it is sitting at 26,000 tweets and 33,000 likes. Some of the popular replies from other users describe Lugia as terrifying alien of sort.

One user said that its form is like that of a messed up baby in “Sims.”

It is a good thing anyway

In one way or another, this is good for the developers of “Pokemon GO.” Remember: many were devastated by what happened in Chicago’s Grant Park. Attendees barely played the activities due to connectivity issues, rendering the event utterly useless.

More importantly, the hours-long lines made it impossible for other attendees to enter the vicinity on time. It was a complete mess and Niantic knew it. But with this discovery from the Japanese player, it somehow sparked a fun discussion within the community. At least, players had a good reason to laugh and forget the Chicago event temporarily.

Niantic already revealed the next two Legendary creatures coming to “Pokemon GO.” These are Moltres and Zapdos. Although there is no specific date yet, they are expected to arrive between the first week and second week of August. Players should definitely prepare themselves.