Online team-based multiplayer games like “Overwatch” depend on all active participants to do their part and hopefully win a match. However, there are instances where a certain player or group intentionally goes idle, harasses co-players, or performs any action deemed as “Bad Behavior” by Blizzard Entertainment. Users have been voicing their complaints to the dev team and it seems like they are taking action soon. The moderators will start to pinpoint troublesome players who intentionally ruin the experience of rule-abiding players.

Reporting system on consoles

Unlike the console ports of “Overwatch," PC gamers already have access to an in-game reporting system to label such gamers. Blizzard Entertainment confirms that their current system is considered one of their “most important features.” What they plan to do differently this time around is to dedicate their efforts to further improve the system, and follow a stricter control process. Furthermore, those caught and proven to have violated the rules will incur harsh penalties.

Abusive chat, harassment, in-game spam, match inactivity (being intentionally AFK), and griefing” are all considered violations. In order to stop these kinds of behaviors, Blizzard Entertainment wants players to report users who are caught violating the rule.

Once proven these gamers and their accounts will either be suspended or banned from the game.

In-game penalty system improvements

Future improvements regarding the penalty system are also being considered by the developers. For example, gamers who leave the game during Competitive Play will experience scaling bans. Currently, users who have reported certain violators can only hope that Blizzard will take action after a thorough review.

They have considered a notification system that will inform the reporter when the company has taken action against the reported user.

Porting the system over to other platforms

Console gamers are currently missing out on the reporting system implemented on the PC version of “Overwatch." The team has promised users that the console version of its report system is currently being tested internally.

Blizzard was also quoted as saying: “as console players ourselves, we know it is frustrating to not have this functionality on your platform." It appears that the company intends to release updates simultaneously on PC, PS4, and Xbox One.