Perhaps one of the biggest changes Niantic introduced to “Pokemon GO” is Raid Battles. It has brought the game a genuine multiplayer, allowing players to work alongside other players in real-time. This without a doubt gave players a new reason to play the mobile game on another level.

The feature, in its most organic form, lets “Pokemon GO” players fight the so-called raid bosses. These bosses differ greatly in terms of CP (combat points), giving the experience a bit of a challenge. To make this possible, the studio introduced a total of four tiers, with each representing a certain kind of difficulty.

This means the higher the level, the stronger the boss should be.

Rotating raid bosses

Currently, raids offer almost the same type of bosses, though not all players in the game battle the same bosses in a day. Some might be fighting an Ice-type pocket monster in tier four, while others might be going up against a fire-type beast on the same tier. So far, though, players have no qualms as they seem to be enjoying the inclusion of raids in the titular augmented reality game. Interestingly, Niantic is reportedly working on a huge change for the feature.

According to Siusto, the “Pokemon GO” developer is believed to be rotating raid bosses in the future. The frequency is said to be every two weeks, giving the feature a huge diversity compared to what it is now.

Basically, rotating means that players will not be fighting the same kinds of bosses over and over again. For instance, if Tyranitar appeared this week as the raid boss in its respective tier, players will not expect this Pokemon to reappear until the next two weeks. Obviously, there is a reason why the studio would resort to such change.

Why rotate bosses in the game

If Niantic really plants to rotate bosses in “Pokemon GO,” this means that they want to veer players away from boredom. If players fight the same kind of beasts in every raid, for sure, they will get bored in the long run. That is because no diversity is happening, something that should players to at least feel a significant change.

More importantly, this becomes an element of surprise, as fans will not have any idea as to what sort of boss they will be fighting next. As a result, they will become more competitive, requiring them to come up with a concrete strategize.

Remember: if trainers do not have any idea what the next raid boss would be, they will not have any knowledge as to what sort of Pokemon they should prepare. This alone gives the game another endgame content. While this is an interesting change in “Pokemon GO” raids, it still remains unofficial. For now, it is better to take it with a grain of salt.