While there isn't yet a lot of information regarding the fifth raid that will be coming with the highly anticipated online shooter sequel, "Destiny 2," the game's director has now shared some insight into what it might entail. The raid, which is currently being referred to as "Raid 5," will be the first raid for the upcoming new game and the fifth one overall for the franchise.

A very different experience

In an interview with Mashable, game director Luke Smith gave fans some insights into what they are actually planning for "Raid 5." Before anything else, Smith did mention that they still don't even have a name for the raid just yet and it is currently still in the planning stage.

However, the director did talk a lot about the ethos or the "heartbeat" for each raid and then proceeded to reveal the possible theme for the new one.

Different focuses

Smith talked about how "Vault of Glass" was focused on separating players and then bringing them back to together. In "Crota's End," the raid was focused on what the team referred to as a "Hero moment," where the entire success of the mission was entrusted to just one player. The "King's Fall" raid, on the other hand, focused on positioning and movement as could be seen with its puzzles and challenges. Smith outlined the different focus of the previous raids to set up what was basically a reveal of the heartbeat for "Raid 5."

Based on reality

According to Smith, "Raid 5" will be all about "building a place you believe is real." What that means is quite subjective, but Smith might have been referring to creating a map that is both familiar and grounded in reality for most players.

Some fans have speculated that the raid may take place within the city and that it could be a fight against the Red Legion and ultimately against Dominus Ghaul. Smith, unfortunately, did not get into any specifics. However, the director did mention that the "place" for the raid will be their number one priority and that the raid itself will be unlike anything that fans have ever seen.

"Destiny 2" is scheduled to be released for the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One on Sept. 6. Unlike its predecessor, the sequel will now be available for PC players. The PC version is scheduled to be released on Oct. 24. The game's beta tests will officially commence on July 18 for the PlayStation 4 and a day after for the Xbox One. PC players will be able to join the beta test sometime in late August.