"Gears Of War 4" is a great game that is only on Xbox One and PC. It is one of the pillars of Microsoft's game franchises. The game has been very successful, and it can be argued that it is one of the greatest franchises that Microsoft has ever created, aside from Halo and Tomb Raider. Gears Of War 4 is undergoing another update that was released just yesterday. Here are the details of what the update will bring and what it entails.

The game's success

The game was excellent as it brought about a different kind of campaign with many intriguing characters.

There is another generation of soldiers created. Marcus Fenix and his son battle it out against the many monsters in the game. Different enemies emerge called the Swarm and Lambent. It is clear that this brings an all-new saga to the series.

The multiplayer in the game is also great as it is what you would expect from this kind of shooter. It has one of the best live experiences in the series. The live mode is filled with plenty of characters to play as, and there are good game modes in Team Deathmatch, King of the Hill, Dodgeball, and others. Maps are filled with plenty of great weapons, and the game is well balanced. The live mode is both addicting and satisfying.

New maps and characters

This July update is bringing a lot of new content in the form of two new maps and playable characters.

Since the game's inception into the gaming world, the team has brought about many updates to the game.

True fans of the game will recognize the original Gears map called Raven Down. The map is from the first Gears of War game with a centered destroyed helicopter, and it features close-range combat. The other map is from the latest game, which has a lot of wind flares or extreme storms seen in the campaign.

The game has also added characters Superstar Cole, a loud and confident character from the third game. Civilian Anya has also been added to the game.

Bug fixes and patch notes

The update has added balance updates and bug fixes to the game to make it more enjoyable. The updates are to the Horde mode and to multiplayer. Some of the fixes include not receiving damage when shot at point-blank range while in cover and not being able to survive the avalanche on the map called Avalanche.

There will now be a penalty for leaving a Ranked match and joining another. There have also been improvements in dialogue to make the game more realistic.

For the game mode Horde, they have added reduced effectiveness of Spawn manipulation on Security. Other Horde fixes like enemies killed by explosive headshots will no longer reset the Magic Bullet Multiplier. A Scout using Cloak will not break Cloak by roadie running in cover anymore either.

The game also added 21 new Country Emblems. These are available in packs and are craftable. The game has added other fixes and improvements.