Players have always been certain that Legendary pocket monsters would eventually arrive in “Pokemon GO.” After all, Niantic itself made the announcement previously, suggesting a possible release sometime this summer. Interestingly, the studio seems to be dropping hint after hint, confirming the forthcoming arrival of the special beasts.

According to ComicBook, just earlier today, an ad for the hit mobile gamePokemon GO” mentioned the Legendary creatures. This was seen on the Indian version of the Apple App store. This ad is believed to be solely focused on promoting the ongoing Anniversary event.

Legendary creatures in the Anniversary event

Long before the studio introduced the first-year anniversary event of the game, players had already anticipated the possible arrival of the aforementioned Pokemon. They believed that Niantic would resort to unleashing them as a surprise, but alas, the event came and yet the beasts were not there. This was somehow disappointing, considering the hype building around these creatures.

However, the Legendary creatures have been hinted at a couple of times already courtesy of the “Pokemon GO” developers. The most recent one is the ad that mentioned the beasts. It holds true that the studio has a good number of ads on the Apple App store, but the most recent one is a huge exception.

It solely focuses on the ongoing event, but with a hint about the highly anticipated legendaries. The ad shows redesigned gyms, a Tyranitar and, more importantly, the copy that says “Special Pikachu with Hat and first Legendary Pokemon.” This is by far the closes hint players have for the forthcoming Legendary Pokemon.

How the Legendary creatures will be introduced

Many believe that Raid Battles was introduced for the purpose of accommodating the Legendary creatures in “Pokemon GO.” Basically, this new system will be used to gradually introduce the special creatures. This theory was further backed by data miners who acquired various codes that mention the term “Legendary.” One of the codes suggests that specific raids will be introduced solely for the legendaries, but for players to join these raids, they must first possess the so-called Legendary pass.

This is definitely a very interesting thing to look forward to.

The theory further elaborated that a tier 5 will be implemented in “Pokemon GO” in which the raid bosses would be the special beasts. Since this will be a special raid of sorts, Niantic will most likely increase the level requirement for it. All of these notes may seem to be interesting but they still remain unofficial. So it is best to take them all with a grain of salt.