The video game aficionados will be happy to know that “The Sims 4” is all set to bring some new contents before this summer ends. Developed by The Sims Studio and Maxis, the publisher Electronic Arts will feature a car gameplay for this highly adored life simulation video game.

An official car gameplay is going to be patched in “The Sims 4” game pack. This new feature will allow the players to own and drive the cars while playing the game. Based on the information what we have received so far, it is clear that the game will feature the cars as visual décors in the neighborhoods.

Addition of ‘The Sims 4’ Car Gameplay feature

The Simmers didn’t have the privilege to own cars and garages in “The Sims 4” that was possible in “The Sims 2” and “The Sims 3.” The Sims Community notified that the Simmers wanted to see the cars since the release of the game. Hence, the Sims team has decided to add the missing cars and car gameplay feature in the next expansion pack or game pack.

SimGuruKimmi took to Twitter to know the feedback of the players to know their ideas and how they would prefer to see the cars implemented into this much-lovable game.

Simmers desired for the Car Gameplay

As already mentioned above, SimGuruKimmi wanted to know the Simmers’ opinions via Twitter.

A majority of The Sims players disclosed their desires for the “The Sims 4” Car Gameplay and wanted to have the options for cars and garages that were featured in the previous second and third versions of the game franchise.

You can check below how the Simmers have expressed their opinions via Twitter.

When will the Car Gameplay be released?

As far as the release of car gameplay for the new version of the fourth installment is concerned, Korea Portal confirms that it is still in the developmental process and The Sims team is preparing for it.

Apart from it, no more details including the release date were disclosed. It seems we will have to wait for a couple of days or weeks to get more update on its release.

A short video gives more info all about toddlers

The Sims Studio recently released a short video over Twitter to provide more updates on the players. The 10-second video is adequate to give an impression to the viewers that it is mainly all about toddlers. This is because the video shows many toddlers playing with each as many things like fountain and bench apparently surrounded them, The Christian Post reports. There is a complete hint that there will be some new additions in the Stuff Pack although the developers have not disclosed sufficient details about it.