It seems Rockstar Games is always on the roll when it comes to the online version of "Gta 5." That is because a new DLC has just been released, giving fans another reason to play the game from a different level. This is great considering that an update was just launched a few day ago.

According to GTA 5 Cheats, a new content has just been unleashed on "GTA 5" and is already available for fans in-game. This introduced the newest car in the title, one that is definitely off the charts. Here is everything about it in a nutshell.

The new content introduced a familiar vehicle

The newest car to arrive in the game is none other than the Karin Technical. It is not entirely new, as it has been introduced in the game before. Therefore, its arrival is more of an incarnation. This vehicle is a fitting addition to the current Gunrunning update, but unlike its previous iteration, it arrives with compelling functionality and noticeable improvements. It is officially called Karin Technical Custom, as it is a new variant of the old model. Players can store it in their in-game garage if they want it as their personal vehicle. Interestingly, it is packed with a wide-range option for customization, allowing players to upgrade its stats and shape according to their own preference.

It is worth noting, though, that the aforementioned option is not readily available in "GTA 5." Basically, players will have to order a Technical through the Pegasus. Once done, they will drive the vehicle to the Mobile Command Center (as long as they have one) to have the vehicle module upgrade installed. Apparently, there is a fee of GTA $142,500 in order to acquire said upgrade.

What the upgrade can provide

First and foremost, the basic upgrade in "GTA 5" does not entirely change the vehicle's stats. It simply removes the rust from the car's body while adding a tow hitch on its rear. Obviously, Rockstar Games purposely did this as players' personal use. But hey, in this game the sky is the limit. Interestingly, the upgrades go further from the basics.

For instance, the vehicle can be upgraded for full range, which means added suspension, armor, engine, and even rams. Everything players can think about (as long as it is available) can be made.

This is perhaps a trip down memory lane, as the "GTA 5" vehicle proved to be a worthy inclusion in the pass. But with the upgrade options from Rockstar Games, there is no doubt the experience will be totally brand new.