Truth be told, the first-year anniversary event of “Pokemon GO” is nothing extraordinary. It feels like a regular event, only hyped by a special box and rare variety of the most common creature: Pikachu. Well, this perception towards the event might finally change soon.

According to BGR, it seems to be that the long wait would soon be finally over, as the Legendary creatures are expected to arrive in “Pokemon GO” any day now. In fact, the hint came from Niantic itself, somehow confirming the possibility. Here is everything about it in a nutshell.

Where the hint came from

Just recently, a fan took to the official Reddit page of the game to share his discovery relating to the aforementioned special beasts. He shared a screenshot of what appeared to be an Indian iOS App Store, which featured an official advertisement from the developers of the mobile game. It has some weird texts on it, but the most noticeable one is the mentioning of the “first Legendary Pokemon.”

This is interesting, considering no one ever knew what this first special beast would be in “Pokemon GO.” Nonetheless, this is the first concrete evidence proving that these creatures would soon be introduced to the game. Remember: Niantic did announce about their upcoming arrive sometime this summer, though, until now, not a single one of them can be seen.

It could be that the studio is just trying to iron things out before a patch to release them can be deployed.

A testing phase for Tier 5

Raid Battles gave “Pokemon GO” a genuine multiplayer functionality that players are now using. Basically, players will have to team up with other players to defeat raid bosses. The latter are categorized by tiers, and these mean that the higher the tier is, the more powerful the boss is.

Interestingly, there is a popular theory that a tier 5 would soon arrive for the sole purpose of introducing the legendaries. This is the tier in which the special beasts would act as bosses.

Surprisingly, reports are suggesting that the “Pokemon GO” tier mentioned above has already started a testing phase in California. Players noted about seeing the placeholder text “TEST,” instead of the usual “ONGOING” text just beneath a raid.

There was even a silhouette of a Flareon. So far, this is deemed to be the second sighting of the Legendary Raid. It could be that Niantic is just building moment and would, later on, introduce the highly anticipated creatures.