Niantic hyped the entire “Pokemon GO” community with its promise to release the Legendary creatures this summer. But so far, not a single one of these special beasts have arrived. Although seeing them in-game is an interesting sight, it cannot be denied that their arrival would also mean some problems for the studio.

According to Forbes, there is a total of 11 Legendary creatures expected to hit “Pokemon GO,” with the three special birds and Mewtwo being the most popular. The publication also insists that their introduction to the mobile game would, in one way or another, present a handful of issues.

If Niantic wants to ensure the launch of these Pokemon, they better resolve these impending problems as soon as possible.

Rare candies

It is a common practice already in the game to try and save as many rare candies as possible. Players basically hoard them in the hope to utilize these items the moment the new species arrive. But given how easy it is to acquire these candies (between 2 to 10), it seems impossible for the studio to allow players to just simply dump a handful of these to, for example, Mewtwo.

After all, Niantic has been vocal about their goal of defeating exploitations in “Pokemon GO.” For sure, allowing the mentioned process falls into that very category. If this is the case, it is possible that the studio would rather allow players to use the sky-high Stardust.

This should put the rare candies on the sideline a bit, but it does not mean they are forever useless.

Duplicates, duplicates, and duplicates

For as far as “Pokemon GO” players can remember, there always seems to be cases of duplications. If this were not true players would not be hearing reports of other players getting caught for cheating and/or spoofing.

Some of them were banned, but the addition of Legendary creatures is on a whole new level.

Perhaps, this is one of the reasons Niantic is keen to release the beasts in a hurry. They might just be anticipating the possibility of duplications in “Pokemon GO.” Regardless, they must implement a system that can prevent duplications of Legendary creatures.

Legendary raids in remote areas

The beauty of “Pokemon GO” raids is in the power of numbers. The more players participate, the more fun and exciting the experience is. Well, this is not really the case with players living in remote areas. Imagine the possibility of Legendary creatures being the bosses in Tier 5 raids: obviously, it is interesting. But for players in remote areas, fighting them would be a shot to the moon.

They might not even have the right quantity of players to activate a Legendary raid, let alone the thought of winning against these bosses. Clearly, there is a line that Niantic needs to define here.