Ever since Niantic introduced new features in “Pokemon GO,” the game’s popularity has soared high. Players have found a new reason to play the game apart from finding and capturing pocket monsters. Now, the studio has released yet another update in the titular mobile game.

According to Polygon, the company just released a brand new update in “Pokemon GO” and it introduces a small but quite useful feature. This feature is reportedly intended for players who keep a good amount of creatures in the gyms.

Introducing the new feature

Basically, the new update lets players feed berries to the pocket monsters they used to defend gyms.

This means that, unlike before, they will not have to remove the Pokemon just to feed them. This allows the creatures to be fully activated in gyms as defenders while being feed with said food item. This new feature reportedly works on the game’s info screen, which details its importance and capability. Whenever a Pokemon from a trainer’s party is selected, an option to teleport on a specific location surfaces. This will then allow the trainer to feed the creature right away.

It is important to note the new in-game mechanic in “Pokemon GO” only works if berries are used to feed the creatures. Other than that, the teleport option will not work. This is actually a huge addition, considering how it can provide a fresh meta in the game.

Moreover, the new mechanic lets players bond with their Pokemon, helping them stay motivated and strong while defending gyms.

There is a downside

Believe it or not, this new “Pokemon GO” feature has its own cons. Basically, the pocket monsters will no longer stay motivated if players tend to stop dropping by to feed them. Unlike in the previous version, with or without berries, the motivation level of the creatures is still enough to acquire a successful win rate in defending gyms.

Still, at the end of the day, there is a purpose why Niantic opted to introduce it. This basically works best with players who live in isolated areas. Instead of visiting their Pokemon from a distant location, the new feature’s teleportation could help them massively. This is most especially if they do not feel like leaving the house.

The inclusion of the new feature in “Pokemon GO” is part of Niantic’s promise to keep improving the newly revamped gym system. They iterated in the past that the gyms are a work in progress and thus will receive continuous updates from the studio.