The prestigious San Diego Comic-Con (SDCC) 2017 is finally here and avid fans of "Injustice 2" will most possibly lay their eyes on a new gameplay trailer for Starfire as the third and final playable character coming via Fighter Pack 1. A fresh leak has also appeared online and confirmed Black Manta as the fourth playable character and the first fighter in Fighter Pack 2.

Starfire gameplay debut

The SDCC this year officially opens today, July 20 and game co-director Ed Boon slyly tweeted the event. Now, fans suppose that NetherRealm Studios has something to show off during the panel before it closes on Saturday, July 23.

Xbox Store leaks Black Manta

After several teases from Boon and the developer itself, it looks like the brawler fans will be playing Black Manta soon after Starfire. Aquaman’s villain will reportedly be the first fighter in the Fighter Pack 2, which has to be revealed yet.

This news came out when a Reddit user shared a screen capture from his Xbox One that showed an ad post of the game at the Xbox Store. The banner revealed Black Manta as the next playable character.

The photo could just be trolling around or it is photoshopped, although, the long conversation thread further indicated that other players of the game were also sharing the same stories.

They spotted the clues pointing to his addition as the next DLC character of out the six secret fighters that will be featured in the next set of Fighter Packs for Ïnjustice 2."

If this image is proved to be legit, it is consistent with what Boon said in his interview with DC Entertainment at E3. He teased that one of the silhouettes shown in the teaser photo’s background seemed to closely resemble Black Manta’s appearance.

The latest chatter also suggests that another "Mortal Kombat" central character will cross over to join the recently unlocked character, Sub-zero. There was a reference found in the game that's hinting the possible addition of lightning god, Raiden, to the playable roster via DLC.

Whether the studio or Boon is just trolling the fans or not and simply leave it as an obvious clue, fans are about to find out shortly if Black Manta will indeed arrive soon after Starfire.

The Comic-Con will take place at San Diego Convention Center in San Diego, California and will run starting today, July 20, up to July 23.

“Injustice 2” is the sequel to "Gods Among Us" released in 203. The second game is available now both on Xbox One and PC platforms. Like the original title, it is highly anticipated to be launched on Windows PC sometime in the near future.