The Summer Games event was among the most successful events in “Overwatch” last year. It even came with an interesting Arcade mode in which players would play football using Lucio. Well, simply put, it was called Lucioball.

Interestingly, it is returning to “Overwatch,” as reported by Dot Esports. This was thanks to a leak that seemed to confirm the possibility. Here is everything about this interesting turn of events.

Lucioball leaked by Xbox One

The leak came from the achievements in the game’s list on the Xbox One console. This can be found on the latest update, which brought Doomfist and several hero changes.

Apparently, there were three achievements added to the game. The first one is Safe Hands, which can be achieved if players are successful in putting out three saves in a row in Lucioball. Second is Volley, which is achieved if, and only if players score a goal using a shot taken from at least a distance of three meters in the air. Lastly, is the Lucio Hat Trick and can be acquired when players score a goal, a save and an assist.

Believe it or not, though, the “Overwatch” achievements area is the same as last year's. In its most organic form, Lucioball is an arcade 3vs3 game in which players are all Lucios. So far, it has been the only exclusive brawl that players truly loved the most. The main goal is to either boop or melee the ball right into the net, if players are to play offense.

The defensive team, on the other hand, must ensure that this will not happen.

Fans have been dying to experience it again

Summer Games was introduced in “Overwatch” last year and ever since then, players have been clamoring for Blizzard to re-introduce it. Interestingly, the achievements were not the first clues to hint the return of Lucioball and Summer Games.

Just a couple of weeks ago, data miners were able to acquire a line of code that suggested the release of Doomfist and Summer Games. The code even conveys the possible kinds of sprays and emotes that players will obtain during the event.

As most players know, Doomfist is already available in “Overwatch” after weeks of staying on the Public Test Realm.

It could be that Blizzard is already working on a patch that will introduce the Summer Games event. On the official Reddit page of the game, players speculated that the studio might launch Summer Games sometime in August. So far, though, nothing official has been made. This does mean that it won't happen, though, as DoteSports reported that In April, "an image from the Overwatch Uprising event was displayed on Xbox Live before the event went live, revealing four new skins available in the game."