The latest update for Xbox One players of the widely popular game, “Ark: Survival Evolved” is live today. The update is gigantic in size, which is understandably obvious because of the massive items and changes it brings to the game. For PlayStation 4 users, the update is scheduled to release on July 3.

PC patch notes

On June 30, Studio Wildcard released the v260 or the latest update of the action-adventure survival game. The latest update rolls in massive changes to the game and introduced new features. Among these changes includes a new Saber model and several tweaks to the animal.

The saber can now harvest more pelt and hide and received a reduced amount of fall damage. Aside from the Sabertooth, the Dire Wolf received 15 percent decrease in the amount of pelt and hide.

In addition, Update v260 give unique loot drops to Alpha creatures. Among them are the Basilio Blubber, Titanoboa Venom, Spino Sail, and Giga Heart. Other creatures who receive the unique loot drops include Yuty Lungs, Allo Brain, Therizino Claws, Thylaleo Hook-Claw, Megalania Toxin, and Sarco Skin.

The PC update of “Ark: Survival Evolved” also brings changes to slingshot and several tweaks to single player. Now, crop growth speed is increased and tribe’s creation is now automatic. The gasoline consumption rate is now doubled.

In addition, the cost to produce five gasolines is now increased to six oil and five hides.

Xbox One update

With many issues prior to the release, finally, the Xbox One patch dubbed as v757 is now available for console players. The news came from the Twitter account of Studio Wildcard Community Manager Jen. The update released for PC is equivalent to the patch released on Xbox one.

The update is available for download and will occupy 16.6 GB of your console’s storage space.

Among the notable changes brought by update v757 includes new activation controls for Admin command.

Now, players need to simultaneously press LB+RB+X+Y on the Pause menu to activate the Admin command. In addition, players can now launch the Island and open the command menu if they would like to play The Center map bypassing The Island. If the player types in the cheat, playercommand Ascend1, they can now load The Center as normal.

PS4 patch

For PlayStation 4 users, Studio Wildcard scheduled the release of the update on Monday, July 3. The delays in the release of the patch for the consoles have been caused by several bugs that the studio has to fix. Hopefully, the patch for PS4 rolls out as scheduled.

The next console update for “Ark: Survival Evolved” will be v758. It will contain the new Ark expansion map, Ragnarok, and a new creature, Griffin.