Santa Monica Studio has teased fans the latest details on a big gameplay feature that will be seen in the new "God Of War." It has also added that the new title is a full-fledged sequel to the previous game and that it takes place in the same universe.

After the big presence of “God of War” during Sony’s presser at E3 2017 last June, the game developer has teased fans once again with additional exciting details regarding the gameplay and what they can expect from the Father And Son duo in the game.

Dynamic combat system explained

Santa Monica Studio’s Marketing Producer Aaron Kaufma recently revealed the game’s combat system for the August 2017 issue of PlayStation Magazine UK.

Kaufman further talked about the relevance of Atreus’ presence while his father Kratos battles with the enemies in the game.

He went on to tell fans how they will meet frequent circumstances of dynamic combat as the father and son fight to take down a monster and other adversaries. Kaufman further explained this feature of dynamism between Kratos and Atreus in a concrete example.

He said that players will see quite a cool move where Atreus jumps on the enemy’s back. Then, by hitting the square button, he’ll jump on the enemy’s back and fire arrows while Kratos throws his ax.

A direct sequel to God of War 3

While earlier reports said that the latest GOW game is a reboot, it actually serves as a direct sequel to “God of War 3” and is set in the same universe.

Kaufman also emphasized that there’s an immeasurable span of time from the ending of the third game and the beginning of the fourth installment in the series.

He also added that the development team intends to put Kratos in a more immersive and personal quest. In this game, he's no longer alone and he travels with Atreus, which makes it unique as opposed to the past three installments.

It's obvious how the main protagonist of the video game franchise has aged a lot since the third game and he looks much older now. While the gameplay trailer shows that he is still formidable in his battles, he is also now a father who has a soft spot for his son.

One of the big changes in "God of War" is how the two team up to win their battles against humongous beasts and monsters that get in their way before they reach their ultimate destination.

"God of War" is developed as an exclusive title to Sony's PlayStation 4 and will be released in early 2018. So, that means the official release date will likely fall between January and March of next year.