It looks like the recent updates for the upcoming "Pokemon Go Fest" is not enough and there are still a few surprises in store for "Pokemon Go" players. Other than the appearances of Unown and Heracross at the event, there are players who are reporting that pikachu has appeared as a special raid boss for the "Pokemon Go Fest."

The event

"Pokemon Go Fest" kicked off in Chicago with special events happening across the globe. This is known as the true one year anniversary event of the game, with the anniversary event last month as the appetizer.

The main event began today and will run for several days until July 24.

There will be several challenge windows where players would need to finish to unlock rewards. Compared with other "Pokemon Go" events, this event requires team work not only for the players in Chicago but from players around the world.

Players from different countries would need to finish the challenges. If the trainers from Chicago would be able to finish the task and unlock a mystery challenge, the mystery bonus will also be available for players across the globe.

The special raid boss

It appears that Pikachu is a low-level raid boss with a combat power of over 5,000. This CP is the same as other Level 1 raid bosses such as Quilava, Bayleef, and Croconaw.

What makes the boss Pikachu special? When a player beats Pikachu during the "Pokemon Go Fest," it will become a Pikachu that is not wearing the "Ash Hat," the "Santa Hat," or the "Party Hat Pikachu" just like the other Pikachus in the game.

Currently, there are no other reports of other special raid bosses appearing in the event. However, players are still expecting to see at least one Legendary Pokemon later, once they start connecting to "Pokemon Go."

What are the other perks of the event?

Other perks of joining the event include special Pokestops that gives special 2 KM eggs.

The park also appears to be divided into six different, individual zones that have certain types of Pokemon.

Players can also get their hands on special items at a discounted rate. These items can be purchased in the store. Plus, there are also free shirts for their characters featuring a limited "Pokemon Go Fest" logo and an in-app medal.

Along with the special event only Pokemon, there were rumors that players can win special boxes with featured items inside. Although it is not yet confirmed, these boxes will be similar to the Anniversary Boxes and will contain incubators, PokeCoins, raid passes, max revives, and Pokeballs.