Blizzard will finally release the much-awaited 25th “Overwatch” hero on July 27. While the hype is staggeringly reducing, another set of interesting details about the rocket punching hero was shared by the game developer. From its initial design until the final character that will be officially launched, Doomfist has greatly evolved.

Doomfist’s early version

During a panel hosted by Blizzard at the San Diego Comic-Con 2017, the game developer shared the process of development that the highly anticipated hero has gone through. This includes concept art as well as ideas that were initially conceptualized for the hero but was unsuccessfully implemented.

Blizzard Lead Designer Geoff Goodman discussed the initial version of Doomfist. According to him, the hero at its early stage of development was designed to pick up enemies. This ability enables him to use the opponents as his shield to deal with the damage. The lead designer added that the seismic slamming hero could even throw his enemies off the cliffs.

Aside from his ability to pick up enemies, the lead designer shared more about Doomfist. He also revealed that the gauntlet-handed hero can even pick up fragments of the ground and use them as projectiles. For instance, Doomfist would pick up huge boulders and use it to knock enemies out while in the air. Moreover, his Ultimate, where he jumps into the air and speedily slams down, is originally part of Orisa’s kit.

Other details

Aside from Doomfist’s early development concept, the question about Doomfist not being able to punch enemies directly was raised. It appears that Blizzard does not want to encounter the same issue that happened with Genji’s melee attack. While it was impressive, that type of gameplay was hard to perfect. In his early development stage, the Nigerian hero was classified as a tank.

According to Goodman, it gave them a weird feeling since they cannot design him as very lethal and they are trying to avoid the same issue with Roadhog returning.

Meanwhile, the Talon-affiliated hero is currently available on “Overwatchpublic test region. His Rocket Punch has received a nerf recently. Initially, its range can reach up to 30 meters and is now down to only 20 meters.

There are also several reports claiming that the hero’s Super Jump is available.

I will give you more updates about your favorite first-person shooter game, “Overwatch” as soon as information becomes available. You can check out below the video containing the behind-the-scenes of the hero’s development process.