With the launch of "Splatoon 2" this week, a lot of Nintendo Switch gamers will shift their attention to the cute and lovable squid kids and their brightly-colored combat. However, before everyone moves on to the highly anticipated Switch game, Nintendo also released another game called "Arms."

'ARMS': An overview

"ARMS" is Nintendo's own take on the fighting game genre. If "Splatoon 2" is Nintendo's less violent game, "ARMS" is more action packed. Since Nintendo is known to offer a lively and vivid experience with all their game releases, "ARMS" is not an exception.

Instead of the usual punching, kicking, and special moves, this game featured characters with springy arms and hair. However, its gameplay is different.

Although the player can still use the controller to control the character, it is better to use the Switch's Joy-Con controllers. The players need to swing their arms around to hit their opponent and win the game.

When the player punches with their arms, the character will also look like they are punching onscreen with their expandable limbs. Depending on the position of the player's hands, they can block the punches of their opponent or curve their hands to release a killer punch.

Not as easy as it seems

It may look easy, but there is a little learning curve in "ARMS." Gamers would need to utilize the small buttons to charge, to lunge, and to launch jump attacks.

There are a lot of thinking to do while playing.

"ARMS" is a multiplayer game so players can have fun playing it with other gamers. The catch is, the other players would need to have a pair of Joy-Con controllers too. Since "ARMS" is more fun to play when standing, a bigger room is also needed to have enough space to move around while playing.

Play like a boss

The game allows you to use the boss as a character. The single player final boss of "ARMS," Max Brass, is also a playable fighter in the game. As the reigning champion in the Grand Prix, Max plays a lot like a Spring Man and he can easily deflect the opponent's arms. But because he is bulkier, he is also easy to hit.

When fully charged, this character can take punches without flinching. This character's arms will remain charged even if his health is already below the certain point.

Free content for life

According to Nintendo, the studio will continue supporting "ARMS" with a stream of free content and updates periodically, as long as the "ARMS" community remains active. With its new update set to release this weekend, Nintendo guaranteed players of the game that they will receive free DLC maps, gears, and weapons for the rest of the year.