It is no secret that when it comes to “Pokemon GO,” events are what players love the most. There seems to be a force that keeps their interest stirred. Well, Niantic understands this; otherwise, a worldwide event would not be possible.

According to Polygon, the highly anticipated “Pokemon GO Fest” is set to make some noise in the industry next week. There is no doubt that the event would become one the best there is. It should be really, considering it is the first live event experience for players out there.

Introducing ‘Pokemon GO Fest’

The aforementioned real world event will take place at Chicago’s Grant Park.

Players will have the chance to meet other trainers from across the globe, though tickets have to be purchased in order to join. Niantic did not elaborate the sort of things players would get to experience, but there would be promising rewards and bonuses.

Interestingly, “Pokemon GO” players who will not be physically part of the event will still acquire special rewards. They will reportedly have the chance to unlock various items and/or bonuses during the duration of the event. Of course, those who bought tickets to join the “Fest” are entitled to greater surprises. The studio wants the forthcoming event as avenue for players to meet and greet each other. There are those who believe that some significant surprises will be made by the company, such as the possible inclusion of the Legendary pocket monsters.

There will be challenges

The developers of “Pokemon GO” revealed that there would be a total of three “window challenges,” all of which will throughout the event come July 22. These would require players to catch various types of pocket monsters within the thirty-minute time limit. Once successful, they can end up earning bronze, silver or gold tier rewards.

Fortunately for outsiders, they will also have the chance to obtain these prizes.

It should be noted that each type of creatures comes with a unique bonus in “Pokemon GO Fest.” But if players are able to catch plenty of pocket monsters, they can extend the bonuses acquirable during the event. Think of it as a quid pro quo kind of thing, only that Niantic wants everyone involved even those who did not buy the tickets to the event.

It remains a mystery, however, if this will be the event where the Legendary creatures would arrive. Niantic has since teased the upcoming arrival of these special beasts, but until now, their release remains to be a total mystery.