niantic labs has a list of events prepared for fans of the augmented reality game, “Pokemon Go.” As the game celebrates its first birthday, the game developer revealed the series of events that will happen in several places across the globe. The latest reveal also spark interest among players as the game developer appears to be hinting on possible brand new pocket monsters to be introduced in the game including the Legendaries.

Upcoming Anniversary events

There are numerous events for fans of the augmented reality game that Niantic Labs has prepared.

The Safari Zone events will happen at specified Unibail-Rodamco shopping centers in August and September. On August 5, the “Pokemon Go” events in the Czech Republic and Denmark will commence. It will be followed by events in The Netherlands and Sweden on August 12. While on September 16, the last three events will kick off in France, Germany, and Spain.

Latest hints

Aside from revealing the list of events scheduled for the game’s anniversary, Niantic Labs hinted on the possible coming of highly anticipated creatures in the game. According to the game developer, all the seven events that are included in the game’s Safari Zone will provide an opportunity for fans to catch a wide array of creatures in the designated special areas.

Among the monsters that are anticipated to be available are those originally found in the Kanto and Johto regions. Moreover, the game developer also revealed that monsters never before seen in Europe will also be available.

Another hint is about Raid Bosses. Niantic said that trainers who will participate in the events will be allowed to team up with other players to battle with powerful Raid bosses that will be available at the said events.

Chicago fest

The good news was shared by the game developer about the Chicago fest. Contrary to the common belief that the event will only be exclusive in the specified place, it appears that the event will not exclusively benefit the players who will participate in the event in Chicago. Fans of the augmented reality game will be allowed to be a part of a global challenge to earn rewards.

There will be three special challenge windows that the participants of the Chicago fest will have to unlock perks through catching various types of creatures. On the other hand, for players outside Chicago can still avail these bonuses by catching creatures as many as possible during the scheduled challenge windows. Moreover, Niantic Labs is also hinting on a special bonus that will automatically unlock in “Pokemon Go” as soon as enough number of pocket monsters are caught during that day.