Niantic shaped and hyped “Pokemon GO fest” to be the most exciting real-world event for the community. There were tons of promised activities, such as special raids and egg grinding. The studio even confirmed the arrival of the first Legendary creature.

But according to Mashable, attendees of “Pokemon GO Fest” were met with a handful of issues right at the start. It happened on Sunday at Chicago’s Grant Park. It was supposed to be a historic moment for the title, but it turned out to be a horrible experience for the fandom.

What happened to the event?

Players thought at first that the connectivity they were experiencing had something to do with their phones. Later on, they found out that it was due to the servers’ incapability to load and direct traffic. Niantic also revealed that they had trouble fixing the problem with the network companies such as Verizon and Sprint. Players were about to play special raids and capture pocket monsters. However, the activities were rendered useless because the game itself was unplayable.

This issue added to frustration when the waiting lines at the “Pokemon GO Fest” took hours. Some players were still outside despite the event already starting. Obviously, this incompetency from the studio earned the ire of the fans, most especially those who flew into the state.

Fans eventually aired their dismay on various social media sites, letting the world know how awful the event was. Niantic, on the other hand, tried to resolve the issue but to no avail.

The Legendary creatures were released

As compensation for the horrible experience, the Legendary creatures were in released in “Pokemon GO Fest” with no restrictions.

These were Lugia and Articuno, both of which were readily available on the attendees’ accounts. Players from the around the globe had to wait for 48-hours more before acquiring the special beasts. The legendaries were supposed to be acquired via a series of challenges in which players from the park would have to work alongside global players.

But as everything that day was simply unplayable, the studio decided to unleash them with no requirements.

Niantic reportedly released a statement concerning the “Pokemon GO Fest.” They sent their apologies and understanding due to the horrible experience attendees had to go through. The studio also refunded the tickets as well as $100 worth of in-game credits. Although these gestures did not really satisfy the fans, the company still opted to make it happen. Now, the community is in doubts, questioning the studio’s competency to deliver huge events. This is really a saddening moment for the title.