In light of the ongoing “Pokemon GO” first-year anniversary event, it is interesting to see how well players have fought their way through raids. After all, it is the biggest addition that Niantic brought to the hit mobile game. More importantly, it is the game’s first ever multiplayer – and it is a genuine functionality.

According to Polygon, despite raids not being a new feature in the field of gaming, it still worked perfectly in “Pokemon GO.” It gave players a whole new reason to play the game apart from catching pocket monsters and defending gyms.

To interested folks, here is a quick guide to Raid Battles.

What are Raid Battles?

This new feature can be likened to gym battles, only it is on a more difficult level. In its most organic, it is multiplayer-based with tier functionality. This means that there are certain levels of difficulty and each of these have to be achieved. The higher the level is, the more powerful the raid boss is. But in order to defeat these Pokemon, players must work together and strategize their attacks. Interestingly, if the raid is a success, players will get interesting rewards and/or bonuses.

It should be noted that “Pokemon GO” players need to be at least level five to participate in raids. As for the actual participation, the game will notify users via their phones if there is a current raid happening.

They can also use the Nearby Tracker to find raids, though they will have to activate this feature first to be notified. Afterwards, a gigantic Pokemon Egg above gyms will appear, signaling an upcoming raid. Players just need to hover there with other players to join and start the raid.

What kind of rewards will players acquire?

First and foremost, players can only acquire special rewards if they are able to wipe a Boss Pokemon out of existence in “Pokemon GO.” These include but not limited to rare candies, TMs, Golden Razz Berries and Premier Balls. The latter, though, is different from the other items. Why?

That is because players who perform best in raids can get more of these special balls. The Golden Razz Berries, on the other hand, can be used to make a Pokemon more amenable when trying to catch it.

Polygon reminds players that it is very important to remember that “Pokemon GO” players can join only one raid in a day, and it is for free. If they plan to participate in another raid, they have to purchase a Premium Raid pass from the in-game store.