An eagle-eyed fan interestingly uncovered a real-life location that could have inspired the possible secret setting of The Last Of Us 2.” If the comparison of the images taken from the game and the actual place is any indication, it looks like the sequel is set in Seattle, Washington.

The compelling evidence

On the game’s subreddit, Reddit user Voldsby shared his latest findings of the possible location of “The Last of Us 2.” Based on what looks to be a compelling evidence indicates that the follow-up to the 2013 survival horror video game will take place in the city of Seattle.

First off, the Reddit user cited that this piece of information was first discovered two months ago when another game fan spotted parking signs and pay sites in the reveal trailer of TLOU 2 that are realistically found around the Seattle area.

But also, he also uncovered some evidence of his own to support this claim further. He presented a collage of photos from the trailer and compared it with the forest areas found in or near the largest city in the Washington state.

The side by side comparison of the said images from the game and the ones in real-life reveals a perfect match.

Moreover, both the teaser video and the concept art released by Naughty Dog for the upcoming PS4 exclusive title also showed lots of what looks like a sword fern in its environment.

Interestingly, these evergreen ferns are abundant in the Western North part of America where Washington is located.

From the looks of it, it is undeniable that “The Last of Us 2” indeed features Seattle, Washington as its setting or one of its potential locations. This remains unconfirmed, however.

The studio has kept the game’s plot under wraps, with only small of drops of clues and hints coming from game director Neil Druckmann on social media.

PSX 2017 reveal

The PSX 2016 reveal trailer confirmed that a more grown-up Ellie returns but this time, as the central playable character engulfed with rage and hate towards the FIreflies, most possibly. Also, Joel showed up in the trailer, debunking rumors that he could be dead.

It is expected that more of its gameplay will be unveiled at the PlayStation Experience 2017 this December after the title skipped E3 in June.

It was in the same Sony-centric event when the development of the PS4 exclusive title was officially announced to the public.

"The Last of Us 2" doesn’t have an official release date as of yet and Sony revealed shortly after E3 that it’s still in early stages, so fans should expect to see it come out in two years, at the earliest.