Blizzard released another lore update teasing about the potential of Doomfist’s arrival in “Overwatch.” The latest in-game news from the Times of Numbani publication revealed significant information about the highly awaited game character including its real name and nationality.

Real name and nationality

According to the latest in-game lore update, the character’s real name is Akande Ogundimu. Given the uniqueness of this name, many players are speculating about Doomfist’s nationality. The collective presumption right now is that the character originates in Nigeria.

If proven accurate, this will lead to the confirmation of the old speculations of the fan base that Terry Crews will be the voice behind the hero. Given the information previously detailed about the character, Doomfist could project an air of seriousness. Interestingly, the actor is popular for his comic roles so it is going to be nice to see how he will portray the character.

Talon's interference

Segment Next pointed out that the latest in-game blog that is now inaccessible, the Talon Organization, attacked the security facility to set Akande Ogundimu free. The act took place three months before OR15 was attacked at the Numbani Airport. The character was later linked to the attack after it was discovered that a gauntlet is missing.

The breach in the maximum security facility of Helix was lead by a shadowy figure who was later revealed to be Reaper. The medical records of casualties showed that they suffered from cell degeneration, which points to Reaper.

Given that information, it is assumed that Talon’s interference was due to Doomfist’s affiliation with the group.

If this is true, the reportedly upcoming hero will be one of the villains in the game. Other known villains in the first shooter game are Widowmaker, Reaper, Hanzo, Roadhog, Junkrat, and Sombra.

The name "Doomfist'' has been a part of almost the majority of the game’s lore. The term is always assigned to any character that wields the gauntlet.

No additional information was released about the character or the lore. However, it will be just a matter of time before Blizzard shares more information to its massive fanbase.

Previous hints

Aside from this latest tease about the character, there were previous discoveries that hinted at the potential arrival of the character. In the crash log files of patch 1.13, which is currently on the PTR, it was discovered that in the log the update was referred to as Doomfist/Summer Games.

It is possible that the arrival of the much-awaited hero could be run out alongside the release of patch 1.13 and the Summer Games. At this point, fans can only speculate as Blizzard continues to just trickle out information about the possible arrival of the hero in “Overwatch.”