Overwatch is one of the most popular games today. With updates and events released frequently, along with the growing lore and animated shorts, the title has a massive fan base. Recently, a poll was conducted, revealing players’ favorites, along with the least favorite in terms of playable characters.

Latest poll

On the “Overwatch” subreddit, Redditor Soku12 posted the result of the latest poll conducted among players. The Redditor revealed that he spent six hours for the entire activity, which yielded interesting results. There are 14, 222 players who participated in the poll.

The survey contains various categories posted as questions.

Most played hero

For the category, Most played hero, Mercy got 1,236 votes and topped the spot with 8.69 percent. She is followed by Lucio with 1,231 on the second sport getting the 8.66 percent share. Genji ranked third amassing 1,170 or 8.23 percent.

Most annoying to play against

There is also the category asking players who is the Most annoying hero to play against. Symmetra got the highest number of votes. She got 2,520 or 17.72 percent of the total votes. She is followed by Genji who bagged 2,012 votes or 14.15 percent. Tracer ranked third with 1,536 votes or 10.80 percent of the total votes.

Most annoying opponent for each hero

This is further categorized into 24 heroes.

Among these heroes, 3 heroes got the most respondents. They are Mercy with 1,236 respondents, Lucio with 1,231 and Genji with 1,170 votes.

For Mercy, most players believed that Genji is the most annoying opponent to play against. She got 19.34 percent of the total votes. Others voted for Tracer giving him 13.03 percent or 161 votes.

Interestingly, there are players who do not like playing against an opponent who uses Mercy as their hero. In other words, 183 players or 14.81 percent hates a Mercy vs Mercy battle.

For the hero Lucio, players are annoyed when their opponents use Symmetra against Lucio. She got the highest number of votes or the 30.95 percent of the total respondents.

Pharah ranked second with 135 votes or 10.97 percent. She is followed by Pharah with 122 votes or 9.91 percent.

For Genji, players are annoyed when they are fighting against another Genji. There are 477 or 40.77 percent respondents who voted do not like a Genji vs Genji fight. He was followed by Symmetra with 233 votes or 19.91 percent. Pharah ranked as the third most annoying opponent of Genji with 60 votes or 5.13 percent.

Meanwhile, the latest lore update was released today teasing on Doomfist to be the next “Overwatch” hero. The hype train for the most anticipated hero is again triggered and fans should expect theories and speculations about the upcoming hero to flood the web soon. Below is the gameplay preview of Symmetra.