Talks about the arrival of the most hyped hero of 'Overwatch' were revived last month. This was after several data miners and players discovered that the crash log report of patch 1.13 on PTR revealed that the name of the update is Doomfist/Summer Games update. While Blizzard has not yet confirmed anything about this information, another lore update was released by the team today and appears to be confirming the hero and even hinting at a possibility of him being a playable character in the game.

New lore update

Today, Blizzard updated the official game website with new story details pointing to Doomfist.

In the past, the game developer has been tight-lipped about the character. However, in the latest lore update, it appears that it is already suggesting the arrival of the hero.

The in-game blog called "Times of Numbani," news post confirmed that the previous attack launched by Talon was made to free Akande Ogundimu also known as Doomfist. According to the news report, an unidentified aircraft moved to the Helix Securities facility where the hero was detained. The aircraft landed and revealed a black figure presumed to be Reaper moving out of it. The assailant defeated the security personnel of the said facility leaving numerous dead bodies. According to the medical records, the casualties suffered from cellular degeneration and injuries.

Furthermore, the incident matches the traces of the assassin known as Reaper.

The report did not reveal if anyone else was taken from the facility. However, several sources of the in-game news shared that there were other security breaches that took place. It was later discovered that Akande Ogundimu hit the Numbani International Airport, which destroyed the defense bot known as OR15.

The character reclaimed his gauntlet.

Other details

Helix Securities rose as the in-game world’s leading security force since the 'Overwatch' organization crumbled. However, the world began to question their reputation when Doomfist escaped. Additional funding from the United Nations to compensate with the rising of threats is expected to flow into the organization.

The term Helix has been a part of the security team where the hero Pharah works as the chief of security.

Currently, no further information about the whereabouts of Doomfist was revealed. The latest speculations among fans are that the hero might be coming along with the next update. However, the in-game news report 'Times of Numbani' supports these claims.

I will keep you posted on the latest news about 'Overwatch' and Doomfist as soon as information becomes available. Meanwhile, for the latest gaming news and updates, you may visit Blasting news.