As gamers await the arrival of "Destiny 2" this September, more information is coming out of the studio, especially as the release date draws near. The upcoming massively multiplayer first-person shooter video game is the sequel to Activision and Bungie's "Destiny" from the year 2014. Since then, post-release content dominated the game's life, with several expansions and numerous events throughout the years. Now, the much-anticipated sequel was announced to have its own set of content, including raids. The first ever raid for "Destiny 2" is called Raid 5, as the previous game had four raids in the form of "Vault of Glass," "Crota's End," "King's Fall," and "Wrath of the Machine." Now, game director Luke Smith has shed light on how Raid 5 came to be.

Raid 5 is a believable place

Game director Luke Smith recently sat down with Mashable to talk about their objectives for Raid 5 in "Destiny 2." He explained that the "priority" for it was to "[build] a place you believe is real. A place that you believe could exist." He added that the upcoming raid is "unlike anything we've done." He went on to praise the team behind the game, describing them as "incredibly talented."

Upcoming 'Destiny 2' DLCs will be a collaboration

Activision admitted recently that they were aware of the flaws in "Destiny," and are determined to fix it come "Destiny 2." Specifically, Activision CEO Eric Hirshberg spoke to Games Industry (via PC Gamer) to shed light on their new approach to creating DLCs.

He admitted that while the studio was successful in some aspects with "Destiny," they wanted to "keep up with the demand for new content." He recognized the quality and success of the four DLCs released for "Destiny," but wanted to go above and beyond with "Destiny 2." He explained that the studio is collaborating with "AAA developers from inside the Activision ecosystem working with Bungie on Destiny content, including Vicarious Visions and High Moon." This way, there will be "an even more robust pipeline of content in the ecosystem."

Clan conversion begins on July 25

In other "Destiny 2" news, Bungie recently took to their official site to talk about how Clans from the previous game will evolve in the upcoming game.

Because some groups date back to the Halo Nation era, players will have to visit and confirm if they want their Group to be converted into a "Destiny 2" Clan. Beginning July 25, players can log on and declare their intentions for the Group, or leave them as is. "Destiny 2" arrives this September 6, with the PlayStation 4 Beta arriving on July 18, Xbox One beta on July 19, and PC beta later in August.