After several months of teasing and speculating, finally, Doomfist is now live in “Overwatch” PTR. The highly awaited hero was revealed today along with a slew of abilities that players can utilize when using him in the game. While the hype still lingers in the first shooter game’s fan base, there are players who are now excited about the next upcoming hero that Blizzard will introduce.

Upcoming heroes

Clues are starting to appear on the web about the next game hero. In the early part of this year, there were reports of leaks revealing other playable characters due to arrive in the popular first person shooter game apart from Doomfist.

Among them are Ivon and Bria. The leaks came from the “Overwatch” subreddit where Redditor ZWE_Punchline shared the information revealed by a 4Chan user. The leaks also included Doomfist's arrival. An image in Imgur revealing the heroes abilities was also leaked.

An elderly hero

Ivon is reportedly the next hero that will be introduced in the game in the fourth quarter of 2017. According to the leaks, the character is still in the early part of the development stage. He is described as an elderly man clothed in a suit. Moreover, the leak stated that his primary weapon will be a suppressed pistol. His skills will be greatly dependent on the kind of weapons that he will be using when in a fight.

The leaks also revealed that Ivon will have gadgets as well as weapons. Aside from those, there are claims that he could be a stealth character with a strong resemblance to the Spy in the popular title, “Team Fortress 2.”

The youngest hero

Aside from Ivon, another character revealed in the previous leaks is Bria. The hero is expected to be introduced to the game in the third quarter of 2017.

She is described as a young lady in her teenage years and could be the youngest hero in the first person shooter game. According to the leaks, she will be garbed in steampunk fashion.

As for her abilities, several reports claim that the hero will be equipped with a computer on her wrist. The collective assumption right now is that this computer will be the major source of her abilities.

Apart from those, Bria will have the skill to lock down areas in the in-game map. Most likely, she will have some resemblance to Mei and her Ice Wall ability. However, Bria will most likely be able to lockdown maps in larger parts and in lesser time.

Meanwhile, fans are also waiting for more information about the Summer Games 2017 in “Overwatch.” We will bring you more updates about your favorite first person shooter game as soon as information becomes available.