The recent findings on the crash logs and data mines revealed that Doomfist and Summer Games are coming in “Overwatch.” While Blizzard remained tight-lipped about this, several fans have been speculating about this including their arrival. Interestingly, one fan came up with a schedule of the in-game activities and releases.

Schedule of releases

On Reddit, user ArielleSweetSugar posted the schedule of what he believes to be the possible release dates of some highly anticipated events in the game. The Redditor claims that his schedules were speculations based on previous events in the first person shooter game.

According to Reddit user, the much-awaited arrival of the hero in “Overwatch” could happen in August. The Redditor based his schedule on Blizzard’s previous release window for Orisa. The Efi Oladele’s creation was first teased on February 21. With three days interval from the second teaser and another three days for the third and final teaser, it was released on PTR on March 2. After 19 days, Orisa was available to all players beginning March 21.

Following this pattern, ArielleSweetSugar said that July 4, 7, and 10 will be the schedule of releases for the hero’s teasers. On July 13, a possible PTR cinematic Doomfist release is expected. Finally, August 1, Doomfist will be made available to players.

The Redditor also said that this would be the same date that the Summer Games will commence. The Reddit user speculates that last year’s summer games were scheduled from August 2-23.

It is worth noting that Doomfist and Summer Games 2017 are on the same build. This was revealed from the crash logs that were previously reported.

There are other players who shared their own theory about the schedule of releases. According to MuyLocoPinocchio commented that the date July 13 coincides with the prison cell number written on the door from the first teaser.

Doomfist teaser

Meanwhile, the latest lore update reported by the in-game blog Times of Numbani has been causing so much buzz on the Internet lately.

Every single time Blizzard released a teaser of its upcoming hero, fans anticipate that it could be Doomfist. Hopes are high this time as more information about the character was revealed. The teaser gave away his true name and his identity. It was also hinted that he could be affiliated with Talon Organization as it was responsible for freeing the hero from the maximum security facility controlled by Helix.

For now, these are all just speculations. Blizzard, as always, remained mum about the issue. We will continue to give you more updates about “Overwatch” as soon as information becomes available.