Blizzard’s global Esports tournament series is just starting to gain momentum. The latest announcement of seven city-based teams added to the excitement among fans. However, it appears that Major League Baseball is already challenging the trademark of the League Logo of “Overwatch.”

Opposition filed by MLB

Approved trademarks are submitted in the Official Gazette. This is a weekly newsletter by the United States Patent and Trademark Office or USPTO. When the trademarks are published, other parties who believe they may have been affected by the upcoming registration of the mark can file an opposition.

They are given 30 days to either file with the Trademark Trial and Appeal Board or request for a longer time to file for their opposition.

Major League Baseball filed their opposition to the approval of the trademark and requested a 90-day extension. MLB has until July 26 to file its opposition to the game’s official League logo. If the opposing party submits and its claim is successful, the game developer will be required to change its League logo. However, this will only take place if the Trademark Trial and Appeal Board (TTAB) find a possibility of consumer confusion between the two logos. In other words, if the game’s league logo in a way deceives fans into thinking that the MLB is part of the league.

However, this trademark opposition does not necessarily mean that the first-person shooter game’s league logo will be changed. Most often, settlements take place between these parties. Earlier this year, MLB also challenged the logo of Major League Dabbing (MLD). The dispute is currently pending for settlement.

Similarities of the logos

The similarities between the “Overwatch” and MLB logos are clear, as pointed out by Morrison Lee. The image with the silhouette is symbolic of the professional sports. In addition, the MLB athlete and Tracer are shown to be facing in the same direction and enclosed by a rectangular space. Moreover, both logos have the same “League” phrase placed under the image.

Noticeably, Blizzard in some way was inspired by MLB’s logo.

The last day for the filing of a formal opposition by the Major League Baseball is on July 26. Apparently, the logo of MLB has been used by other sports with the same colors and trademarks. There is a big chance that a settlement between MLB and Blizzard could take place.

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