Wanting to know which are the possible Regional Pokémon of the third Generation? We will tell you now.

What are regional Pokémon?

This started with the very first generation of games for GameBoy, with the cult classics Pokémon Red and Blue. Each one had its own pocket monster, meaning that one from a game could not be found on the other.

'Pokémon Go' introduced the regional Pokemon as a way of dividing people who could and could not capture certain Pokémon. Since we only have one edition of the game, it was decided to make a geographical distribution, so only the habitants of a certain parts of the world (decided by latitudinal numbering) could get those Pokémon.

These regional Pokemon started with Mr. Mime and then Tauros, and continued with release of Corsola and Heracross a couple of months ago. There are not many, but they are a real nuisance for those who want to complete their Pokedex.

Which ones are coming next?

Nothing has been mentioned about the third generation yet, because the second is still recent for 'Pokemon GO'. However, a couple of days ago we talked about when the third generation could be released to get a step closer to catch them all. Based on precedents, we can deduce when could it be (which obviously means that this is not an official confirmation), and thus take away the illusions.

The first of these is Tropius, a flying plant Pokemon that, according to the Pokédex’ description, would be a perfect fit.

It tells us that this Pokémon inhabits the tropical jungles, so it could well be a regional Pokémon from the southern tropic of the planet. His PC could reach 1846 and would be a Pokémon powerful enough to use in gyms, although it would have a great disadvantage against Arcanine, another well-known and used Pokémon.

The second is Luvdisc, the heart-shaped aquatic Pokemon.

We chose this one for its similarity to Corsola, another Pokémon that is said to live in warm seas. Its PC could reach the 735 and although it is not a very competitive Pokemon, it would be one of the most attractive because of it.

To date, the only way to get one of these regional Pokémon is to go to the geographical area in question and look for it, because so far, there is no option for Pokémon trades, something highly demanded by players since the application was launched, just over a year ago.

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