Among the heavily complained hero in “Overwatch” is Reinhardt. A few days ago, fans have been complaining in the game’s forum and in the community about their worst experiences with the hero. Noticeably, Blizzard has rolled out several changes lately in an attempt to address the issue.

Latest changes

In the previous month, a patch was released that tweaked Reinhardt’s Earthshatter hit boxes. After that, it seems that the king of front-line tanking has his age caught up with him.

His hit registration and several latency issues crippled his performance. Among the complaints from players includes the hero’s, Hammer. In reality, when you swing a hammer at someone, you expect them to be hurt. The hurt would depend on the amount of force you have exerted. Interestingly, the present iteration of the hero could not even meet this expectation.

A few days ago, Blizzard released several changes for some “Overwatch” heroes.

Among them includes McCree, Reaper, Zarya, and Reinhardt. Game Director Jeff Kaplan even listed the things that players should expect with the latest PTR update.

Among the fixes that will be applied to the game soon includes fixing in the small Fire Strike hit box of the hero. Blizzard also rolled out loads of Hammer swing issues, which was collectively presumed to be the product of high network latency.

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The game developer also increased the hero’s Hammer Swing by 10 percent in Patch 1.13. The issues with several bugs canceling some animations have also been addressed.

Moreover, Fire Strike and Charge animations are now correctly synched correctly irrespective of the latency of the network. Players can also experience that the hero’s Charge can now reliably pin targets. Previously, the Charge knocks back opponents.

However, the developer also notes that since Charge is a cone-based attack involving latency, there might be other issues that might surface. Aside from that, Charge can also dependable pin target even when moving up steep ramps or stairs. The game developer also emphasized that these issues have been fixed and they were able to reproduce it.

Issues that are waiting to be fixed

While there are already resolved issues, there are still several complaints that are still waiting to be addressed.

Among them includes Reinhardt’s Earthshatter not picking up targets under several circumstances. Blizzard assures “Overwatch” players that fix will be released in connection with this issue. The problems have taken the team a significant amount of time to come up with a fix. Actually, these problems were a result of the team’s desire to make the hero’s Earthshatter ability work as intended.

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