Farming fans are in for a real treat as co-op monster-raising game “Re:Legend” is arriving at Kickstarter later this month. Fans will be able to support Magnus Games and help bring the RPG to life by donating in hopes for a PC release. Moreover, if the stretch goals are met, there’s a good chance that the game will also arrive on other platforms like the PS4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch.

Initial details

According to Gematsu, developers Magnus Games recently finished the game’s Square Enix Collective campaign with a 99-percent in-favor votes. They now plan to take the game to Kickstarter which will officially open on July 26.

The developers have yet to share the finer details about their goals for the game except that they want to port it over to home consoles.

“Re:Legend” is described as an “all-encompassing, RPG-simulator hybrid” that includes features like monster raising and multiplayer. The developers decided to go for a “cute and cool” art style, hence why the characters in the game are chibi. Posting on the Square Enix Collective website, the developers stated that they put a lot of time developing the monsters as they want players to primarily focus on monster raising. Collect and train these magical creatures known as "Magnus" and bring them along as you explore the vast island.

'Re:Legend' Gameplay

Those who are fans of “Harvest Moon” and “Rune Factory” will feel right at home as the game boasts a unique farming system, a village to expand, and monster taming.

Aside from these activities, fans can also do other things like fishing, mining, and crafting to help develop the village. While you can choose to play along, “Re:Legend” also has both local and online multiplayer. You can team up with up to three friends and work on your farm or set off on an adventure on the island with your Magnus.

The game will also allow players to customize their own avatars, but Magnus Games has yet to reveal the full details about this. Similarly, while you can interact and recruit new people to your village, it is still unsure if the game will have a marriage mechanic. Nonetheless, there are still perks to recruiting new villagers to Vokka Village as you will gain access to better resources and maybe even discover some hints about your character’s lost memories. For now, fans will just have to wait for further plans and announcements about the game. You can support “Re:Legend” when their Kickstarter officially launches in two weeks from now.