After the release of several heroes changes in the game’s public test region, another new announcement for “Overwatch” players have been made available today. The news came from the Game Director himself, Jeff Kaplan. The latest announcement offered interesting insights to players.

Latest announcement

Game Director, Jeff Kaplan released just recently a very interesting information for “Overwatch” players especially those who are into Quickplay. The game director revealed the winrates for Attack and Defense on the game’s Escort and Assault maps. The statistics are a dizzying array of numbers and percentages.

However, these are very helpful in efficiently playing the first person shooter game.

The data provided by the game director covers the last two months. The time period is from May 14, 2017, until July 12, 2017. The data can be utilized by players as it significantly reveals that several maps in the game have a substantial advantage on defense rather than attack or vice versa. However, the data fails to reveal support the implications.

Quickplay data

Among the data released by Jeff Kaplan about the game’s Quickplay includes Hanamura has 49.79 percent Attack and 50.21 percent Defense. The recently released Horizon Lunar Colony has 54.50 percent Attack and 45.50 percent Defense. The Temple of Anubis has 49.92 percent Attack and 50.08 percent Defense.

On the other hand, Volskaya, Eichenwalde, and Hollywood have 49.76, 46.13, and 50.09 percent Attacks respectively. Their defenses are 50.24, 53.8, and 49.91 percent respectively. King's Row, Numbani, and Dorado have 50.14 percent, 49.40 percent, and 49.66 percent Attack rates respectively. As for their defense rate, the maps have 49.86, 50.60, and 50.34 percent respectively.

Route 66 and Watch point Gibraltar have 49.94 and 50.13 percent attacks, and 50.06 and 49.87 percent defense.

Interestingly, from the latest data, it is shown that the maps appear to be well balanced. It is a rare thing to see in a game more so in casual play. Maps like Horizon, Hanamura, and Volkaya Industries are Assault maps and are not conducive for competitive play.

Their respective numbers as revealed in the latest data are not for competitive play. However, it also shows that given enough games, both sides could even out. Like many games, despite any statistics, it will still be the player’s experience, the familiarity of the map, and the strategies he uses that will spell his success in the game.

We will give you more updates about “Overwatch” as soon as information becomes available. Players are currently waiting for the release of patch 1.13, which is currently on PTR.