Several players reported earlier that “Pokemon Go” servers were down and many complained that they are having a hard time just logging in to the game. Fortunately, niantic labs has already addressed the issue and it appears that the servers are now good and running.

Servers are now up, issue has been resolved

Several fans of the augmented reality game have reported experiencing issues with the popular app. In their official Twitter account, Niantic Labs announced that the Server issues affecting players have been finally resolved. The team thanked the players for their patience while the developer works for the fix.

Moreover, the team tweeted that trainers must now try logging again in the game to see if the same problem persists.

Earlier issues

Earlier, hundreds of “Pokemon Go” players reported that the app is not working. The issue continues to spawn more complaints a couple of hours after it was first reported. The Down Detector continues to receive reports from players that their iOS and Android app is not working.

Down Detector listed 64 percent of users experienced login issues while 35 percent were about server connection issues. The detector measures the outage statistics for many popular apps, online services, and websites. Reports said all players in the US and the UK experienced the reported issues. Other places who have recorded the same complaints include Japan, Belgium, France, Germany, Spain, and Italy.

Players’ complaints

One player reported having experienced the error in the middle of 45 evolutions in a row. Another one said that it took him an hour after the creature returned for the coins to appear in the in-game store. There is also a fuming player complaining of getting booted out of the game every 20 minutes.

The issues with the game servers started to surface around 6:25 PM British Summer Time or 1:25 PM Eastern Standard Time.

The game celebrated its first anniversary just last week and a series of events were held at several designated landmarks.

Anniversary events

Among the events launched to celebrate the anniversary of the augmented reality game includes the Chicago Fest. The event is scheduled on July 22 and 23 where tickets were quickly sold out. In the UK, Niantic Labs collaborated with Big Heritage to bring the event to several locations throughout Chester.

We will give you more updates about your favorite augmented reality game, “Pokemon Go” as soon as information becomes available.