Blizzard will soon launch a Punishment system for “Overwatch.” The first person shooter title from Blizzard has earned its name as one of the most popular and widely played games today. The game has a massive player base that is actively interacting with each other in the community. Fans across the globe are happy with the game.

In fact, a fan created a church for one of the game’s heroes. However, like any other titles, it is not perfect. There are numerous reports of other players harassing teammates and opponents. Some are complaining after having encountered players who leave the match if they feel they are not going to win.

Good things are coming to the game, however, if the latest statement from Blizzard is to be believed.

Big things coming

Just recently, Game Director Jeff Kaplan revealed that Blizzard has big plans developing for the game to address complaints and to get things fixed. One player even raised a suggestion of having a punishment system in the game. According to the player, the current punishment of silencing throwing players just doesn’t work. To this, the game director responded that the first person shooter now no longer silences the players reported to be throwing games. Kaplan added that the game will soon have a punishment system coming in one of its updates.

Level of toxicity

For several weeks, a sense of frustration among players complaining about the game’s toxicity is very evident.

Fans view Blizzard’s punishment as toothless and most of the time disregarded by reported players. Kaplan’s latest statement displeased them and some wished that the game developer could come up with something very soon.

There were some who even threatened to leave the game - specifically the Competitive mode - if Blizzard would not do anything about the game’s punishment system.

There are others, however, who are happy with the latest statement. While Blizzard could not release it sooner, players are delighted that they are being heard. Moreover, the team has been very responsive to players’ complaints and is trying hard to address the issues.

Other features inbound

Aside from the Punishment system, Blizzard is currently working on Play of the Game 2.0.

This upcoming feature will provide players with an improved highlight experience. This will feature the most impressive achievement in every match. Aside from that, the game developer is also working on the success of its League. Moreover, sometime soon, players will receive the improved loot system as well. “Overwatch” is currently playable on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC.