Doomfist is a sensation in "Overwatch." The hero was acclaimed, and Blizzard Entertainment finally came out to amaze fans with new information about this character. This time, the character's Skins were shown. As "Overwatch" enthusiasts will know, Doomfist is only available on the testing ground, so it's hard to know all their designs, voice lines, postures, among other things. Fortunately, Blizzard updated the title and added 57 unlockables for the character.

In total, Doomfist will have ten skins at its launch. Rare outfits only change the color of its fist and clothing; the epics include some variants on its skin.

When are the new Doomfist legendary skins going to be available?

There is still no precise date for the launch of Doomfist. The character is still in the realm of testing and recently received his first nerfed. Blizzard continues to analyze the hero but is likely to be available to all players sometime this month. To make matters worse, the summer event should not be late so that Overwatch's fans will have big surprises in the coming weeks.

Overwatch Mercy has her own Nendoroid's figure

The Nendoroid's line has a new member; we refer to Mercy, your guardian angel in the "Overwatch" games, which always goes behind you and revives all fallen comrades when things go wrong. Thus, Mercy's Nendoroid figure has three different facial plates to modify her expressions.

Besides, it is an articulated statuette, so you can move the wings in the position you want. You can also remove her wings to simulate emotes, or the game's victory poses.

Mercy's figure has different interchangeable accessories, therefore, you can modify your cane to be open or closed. But that's not all, as it includes a piece to show your healing ability.

Fans can preorder the figure for $49.99 on the Blizzard page. Mercy's Nendoroid will be available during the first quarter of 2018.

It should be mentioned that there are two other Nendoroid's figures from "Overwatch," we refer to Tracer's statuette and Mei's piece. These items also cost $49.99 each. It is worth mentioning that "Overwatch" recently received an update on consoles.

Blizzard was in charge of correcting some bugs, although they did not present innovations of Doomfist or the games of summer.

Additional information

In what would be a huge "Overwatch" League announcement, Blizzard revealed who owns the first seven professional teams, including personalities from traditional sports, gaming, and other industries.

This is all the information known so far. Keep enjoying the game, and stay tuned for more updates as they become available.