“WWE 2K18” is well underway for its official release in October and hardcore Wrestling fans will be seeing a slew of big changes, insane features, and iconic playable characters in this year’s iteration of the series. Here’s what’s revealed so far.

Iconic playable characters

2K officially named two legendary Wrestling superstars who will be playable in “WWE 2K18”. Seth “The Kingslayer” Rollins has already been named as the game’s cover star while Kurt Angle is confirmed as the exclusive pre-order bonus character.

The game publisher has recently revealed the pre-order trailer featuring the Gold Olympic medalist and Hall of Famer.

It further showed the events after the cover trailer called “Vandal,” where Rollins burned down the WWE archives.

Nintendo Switch release

“WWE 2K18” also marks another new milestone as it is confirmed to also launch on Nintendo’s latest console, Switch this fall. This is a first in five long years that fans see a WWE 2K game release on a Nintendo platform since 2012, when “WWE 2K13” debuted on Wii.

Insane features, big changes coming

One of the notable and big changes in the next Wrestling simulation game is the full overhaul of My Career Mode. In the newest version, both local and online play will now have an 8-man tag match and there’s the addition of an online multiplayer mode known as "Road to Glory."

The Universe Mode is also improved and players can now create the wrestler they want in the expanded creation area.

It is also expected that the game will impress in the graphics department now that it is specifically designed for current-gen consoles and ditching the PS3 and Xbox 360.

The game’s commentary team, which, in the past titles, had always sucked big time, is also getting a make-over and will be headlined by Michael Cole, Byron Saxton, and Corey Graves.

Other new features to look forward to in the next game is that the backstage will be as three times larger in size and offer more variety in fighting with more objects in play. Players will now be able to also trade online and see some revamped matches such as Elimination Chamber and Royal Rumble.

“WWE 2K18” is currently developed for PS4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch on Oct.

17. The PC version is yet to be announced sometime in the near future. Gamers who pre-order the Deluxe Edition will be entitled to an early access starting Oct. 13, that's four days ahead of the game’s public launching.