The time that all the "Overwatch" fans have been waiting for, has finally arrived. The game developers behind the series, Blizzard Entertainment have made an official announcement, stating the team members that belong to the first seven "Overwatch League" groups scheduled to arrive with the latest update. These groups are apparently compatible with some seriously big games such as traditional sports, gaming and other such-related industries as well.

Rumors and speculations regarding the game

As has been rumored on several occasions before, the first character that can be expected as a part of the "seven Over-watch League group" is the owner of New England Patriots, Robert Kraft.

The Boston-based "Overwatch" league team will be handled by this billionaire. Apart from this, the co-founder of Sterling VC, Mr. Jeff Wilpon will also be seen getting involved this time. He serves as the owner of New York Mets. In other words, the New York team will be handled with Wilpon. A range of other "Overwatch" teams have been located all over the globe including the Los Angeles Immortals, Miami-based Orlandos, the San-Franciso backed NRG Esports and the Shanghai-based Net-Ease alongside Seoul-backed Kevin Chou, Kabam as well.

"Overwatch" League Commissioner, Nate Nanzer reportedly told GameSpot that they were considering a host of major cities across the globe when they were finalizing on which ones will officially break to the audience.

It was after much discussion that the owners were able to decide on one place. After the game-developers finalized on particular cities, they set out in the quest to search for the perfect owners for the same. They started proposing potential partners to get together and make their initiative successful. After a lot of effort, "Overwatch" game-runners have finally been able to take this major step for the competitive gaming market.

What does the game have to offer?

Moreover, this is just said to be the beginning. While "Overwatch" only consists of seven teams, its competitors such as MLB, NFL, and others go on to consist of approximately 30 to 32 teams in total. While the showrunners don't have a particular number in mind as of now; they do hope to grow out to be bigger players in the near future.

Nanzer even went on to promise that this major announcement will soon be accompanied by many other seriously-cool break-outs as well. They dream of making "Overwatch" the size of other traditional gaming teams. In order to do this, there's a lot that must be put into consideration. Let's see what exactly it works out to be.