A major patch containing highly anticipated changes is now live on “Overwatch” server. The update will roll out loot boxes buffs, Highlight system, and crosshair options among others. This patch is everything that is upgraded in patch 1.13 except for the hero balance.

Loot box drop rates

One of the major concerns from the community is the game’s loot boxes. Blizzard said that the boxes will get a major overhaul soon. With the latest update, players will notice that the number of duplicates inside the loot boxes has significantly decreased. Before, since duplicates give more credits, players will be getting less of in-game credits.

However, Blizzard has also adjusted this and now, Credits can be earned from loot boxes regardless of the number of duplicates.

Highlights System

Aside from the overhaul in the loot boxes, Blizzard also added several features in the game’s Highlights system. While the highlights are still gathered automatically by the system, players can now pick the highlights of their choice. In order to do it, you just need to bind a key to the capture button and press it in order to record. Right after the defeat or victory screen, the highlights can be viewed in the Highlights Tab under Recently Captured. There are different export options available, which is dependent on the kind of system the player used to capture it.

For console players, the feature will default to what is set, the highlight is then sent to PlayStation or Xbox media library. On the other hand, for PC players, the highlight will be channeled directly in Windows with quality options that players can choose from. Even though the highlight was taken using a low-end system, the video can still be exported to 4K if the player chooses to.

The down side of this is that huge video files takes time to generate. More details on the upgrade and functionality of this feature will soon be detailed by the game’s development team.

Crosshair options

In addition to the loot box overhaul and the new feature in highlight system, the team also updated the crosshair options of the game.

With the latest patch, five varying kinds of reticles are now available. Players can pick from any of these and customize them as preferred. The latest change is really expensive, which includes additional options for color, opacity, width, and size of the dot among others. This is available for everyone who would like to make a crosshair that will blend with their kind of play.

The crosshair options are found under the Controls section of the Options Menu. On the other hand, Reticle options are located under the Controls of the Options menu. The Reticle section can be found under Advanced.

Meanwhile, Doomfist is now a playable character in “Overwatch.” Blizzard released the 25th game hero today.