"DOTA 2" is a huge game with over 100 heroes to choose from, each with their own respective skills. However, there are some key abilities that will give you and your team the upper hand during major fights. Some heroes have some useful area-of-effect skills that can easily turn the tide of battle and possibly seal a quick victory. With that being said, let's take a look at some of the best area skills in “Dota 2.”


Tidehunter has been around even before “DOTA 2,” and his ultimate ability, “Ravage”, continues to be a staple ultimate in almost every game.

Once you activate this skill, it will stun nearby enemy heroes for a short amount of time that are within range. It’s quite versatile because of its instant casting and can also be used as a surprise attack when engaging the enemy.

Although, that doesn’t mean to say it doesn’t come with any weaknesses. Ravage has a long cooldown and it’s considered as a magic ability. Enemy teams can take advantage of its long cooldown by trying to bait you into using it, or they might use their remaining funds to “Buyback” (respawning instantly in exchange for a gold fee) you’re hero and make a push towards your Ancient while it is on cooldown. They could also purchase an item that can counter magic effects, like “Black King Bar” rendering the ability useless.


A support hero with strong utility skills, Enigma always finds a way to save his allies. His ultimate skill called “Blackhole” can destroy a full team at any given situation. It basically sucks nearby enemies in a target area for a few seconds. Once the skill is active, affected targets will not be able to escape or use skills.

Another thing to keep in mind when using Blackhole is that it can pierce magic immunity. Items that can normally counter magic will have no effect on Enigma’s ability. Moreover, if you collect enough funds, you can purchase an item called “Refresher” which “resets” the skill while on cooldown, allowing you to use it again. Depending on the situation, you can use these items to either double the skill’s effect or save it for later fights.

Not all skills are perfect though, as ”Blackhole” does have its fair share of weaknesses. It has a huge cooldown, even longer than Tidehunter’s “Ravage”. Moreover, same strategies could be used against Enigma, which is similar with Tidehunter, such as buying back when the skill is on cooldown and baiting him in using against a single enemy hero.