It was just a few days ago, that Sub-Zero was introduced as the new addition to the roster of fighters in “Injustice 2.” Recently, another leak about the next DLC character the fighting title has surfaced online. The latest leak came from Xbox One marketplace where information of the game’s next playable character was revealed.

Latest leak

Recently, an advertisement about Black Mantra was unintentionally published to the Xbox One marketplace. This was posted on Reddit by a user under the name iixfinityii. Actually, the ad does not really show Black Mantra, it was actually Batman and Flash who were shown in the ad with the text encouraging players to fight like Black Mantra in “Injustice 2.” The text revealed more information than an image could convey.

Playable characters

The character that is making headlines right now has been teased several times in the past weeks. Game Director Ed Boon has hinted that there will be nine DLC characters that will be introduced to the fighting title. The first three has been already revealed in the game namely Starfire, Red Hood, and Sub-Zero. The six remaining characters were still shrouded in mystery. Fans, given their distinct physical abilities and powers easily figured out these characters. Among them is Black Mantra with his signature gigantic helmet and tubes. As to when Aquaman’s archenemy will arrive is still unknown.

Release date

So far, only a couple of DLC characters have been released from the Fighter Pack 1.

They are “Mortal Kombat’s” Sub-Zero and “Batman’s” nemesis Red Hood. Starfire has not been released in the game yet. In other words, whether Aquaman’s nemesis is confirmed or not, he will have to wait for Robin’s love pair to be released first. Black Mantra is anticipated to be released along with two other fighters.

Interestingly, game director Ed Boon has his way of surprising the fans when announcing DLC characters.

In the last game installment of the popular fighting title “Mortal Kombat,” he surprised everyone when he introduced an alien character instead of the heavily speculated Baraka. So even though Aquaman’s nemesis is being teased, there could still be surprises until he is officially introduced.

The popular fighting game, “Injustice 2” is playable on PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.

We will give you more updates and information about Starfire, Black Mantra and other DLC characters in the game as soon as we get more information. Meanwhile, for your daily dose of gaming news and updates, you can visit the gaming section of Blasting News.